Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to capture valuable lead data in your contests. But, what happens if you want to ask these leads follow-up questions? The following guides will go over ways that you can send your leads follow-up surveys, whether you want to send the lead through the typeform, pre or post landing page. We’ll go over integrating TypeForm (a popular survey software) onto your thank you page, and using our Instant Sign-up feature to pass the lead from Typeform into a KickoffLabs campaign.

Add a Lead to Your KickoffLabs Contest Upon Completing a Typeform

In this video tutorial we go over step by step how you can set-up your Typeform to automatically push leads into KickoffLabs.

Installing KickoffLabs Instant Sign-up in Typeform

To get started you will first need to upgrade your Typeform account

  1. First, create your Typeform and make sure to include “email” as one of the questions in your Typeform survey
  2. From your KickoffLabs dashboard, select the “settings” from the top menu panel
  3. Scroll down the “Integration settings” and select “Instant Sign-up”
  4.  Copy the Instant Sign-up link up to the “=” Yours should look similar to: https://inbound.kickofflabs.com/is/yourcampaignidhere?email=
  5. Over in your Typeform; click on the settings and “redirect upon completion”
  6. Paste in your instant sign-up link
  7. Select the “+” icon and select email from the dropdowns. Your redirect link should now look like:


Adding A Typeform Survey onto a KickoffLabs Thank You Page

Why Would I Want to Send Leads a Survey?

Great question! While lead forms do a great job at capturing contact information (email, name, phone number) having too many custom fields to fill out during the opt-in phase can hurt the initial conversion. You may want to capture data that relates to better qualifying your lead: what are their pain-points? Are they ready to purchase? Are they the decision-maker in their company? This is where having a post-opt in survey comes into play.

How Can I Implement a Survey in my Campaign?

There are a few ways that you can send your leads a survey:

  • Send the survey link in the Auto-Reply mail (requires a paid plan) see more on setting up an Auto-Reply mail here
  • Add the survey link as a hyperlink on your thank you page
  • Send the survey link as a separate mail via your CRM (requires a Premium-level or higher plan to automatically push lead over to your CRM list) see more on connecting your CRM to KickoffLabs here
  • Add a TypeForm script to your thank you page.

We’ve created a step by step guide to install your TypeForm script to your Thank You page below:

Installing a TypeForm Script to Your Thank You Page

  1. To Generate your TypeForm, first, follow the steps outlined on Typeform here
  2. Back in KickoffLabs, click to edit your Thank You page
  3. Add an HTML snippet from the widget options
  4. Paste the first part of the script into the HTML snippet. The script should look similar to this, but with your own url:
  5. Paste the remainder of the script into the page footer. You can access this in. your campaign by clicking “Settings” > “Analytics & Tracking Codes” the script should look similar to this:
  6. You will now see the survey form on your Thank You page as shown here:

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@kickofflabs.com