This guide will walk you through the process of implementing your KickoffLabs Widgets and KickoffLabs AnyForms into your WiX hosted website.

Please Note: In order to add custom scripts to the WiX website platform, you need access to their Tracking & Analytics plugin. This plugin is only available on select WiX Plans. Please be sure you have access to the plugin before contacting KickoffLabs support with any additional issues implementing your scripts.


Implementing a KickoffLabs Widget or AnyForm

Adding a KickoffLabs Widget to a WiX hosted website is easy if you have the Tracking & Analytics feature available to you.

  1. Head over to your KickoffLabs Widget and grab the code. If you don’t have a widget created already, there is a guide available HERE that will walk you through the process.
    Documentation for AnyForms can be found HERE.
  2. Once you have your code, head over to your WiX dashboard and edit your site.
  3. From your dashboard highlight the Settings menu and find the Tracking & Analytics option.
  4. From the Tracking & Analytics dashboard select the </> Custom option, or select + New Tool   >   </> Custom.
  5. Paste your code and save your changes. Keep mind of the Place Code In: section, as it may vary between scripts.
  6. Back out to your main page editor and publish your changes. Your Widgets and AnyForms should now be live. Navigate to your website to test them out.

If you encounter any other issues with KickoffLabs, feel free to reach out to our support desk at: