This document covers the complete integration of your KickoffLabs product into WordPress. Throughout this document we will cover:

  • Preparing your WordPress platform for KickoffLabs Pop-Ups and Custom Forms
  • Integrating KickoffLabs Scripts
  • Hosting Your Own Landing Page

After going through this documentation, you will know how to integrate KickoffLabs into your WordPress platform completely.

Preparing WordPress for KickoffLabs Pop-Ups and Custom Forms

Kickofflabs pop-ups utilize javascript to collect leads, however, WordPress does not directly allow scripts to be integrated into your web pages without the help of a plugin. This means that we need to find a working plugin that allows you to add scripts to the Headers and Footers of your web pages.

  1. First thing you’ll need is to download and activate the plugin “Scripts n Styles”
  2. Once the plugin is installed and activated, your WordPress platform is prepared for KickoffLabs integration.

Note: We have tested several different Header and Footer plugins and found this to be the most consistently working plugin.

Integrating KickoffLabs Scripts

  1. Navigate to the web page that you want to embed your scripts on, scroll to the bottom and locate the Scripts n Styles plugin panel. Select the HTML tab on the left and paste your script into the bottom of the body section. Click the Update HTML option and republish your web page.

(Optional) Adding a link in WordPress to Open the KickoffLabs Pop-up

This part assumes that you don’t just want the pop-up to show up after a set amount of time, but rather when someone clicks a link on one of your pages. If you would rather have the popup appear after a set time, feel free to disregard the button and add the script as normal. Make sure to use proper configuration in the widget settings!

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to implement your Pop-Up Widget on and create an HTML Block. You can do this from the GUI at the plus sign or type /html at the start of a block. After generating an HTML Block paste the code generated earlier in your configuration page of the Widget.
  2. Save your page after adding your link and preview your page. Click your button and see your results!


Feel free to reach out to with any additional questions!