It’s easy to push new leads collected in your KickoffLabs campaigns to Aweber.

What you need:

  1. A Premium level (or higher) account with KickoffLabs with at least one signup page/form.
  2. An Aweber Account

Basic Setup:

1. From your Campaign Dashboard section 5.Push Leads. Click “Push Leads to” and select Aweber from the drop-down options.

2. Click “Connect To Aweber”. You will be automatically redirected to an Aweber signin page in order to grant KickoffLabs permission to access your list and forward your leads over to Aweber.

3. Once you’ve logged in, select the list you want us to send your leads to in Step 1, confirm whether or not your existing leads (if any) should be imported in Step 2, and confirm whether or not we should send over your new leads to Aweber in Step 3. Then click “Use Aweber List”

4. Once you save your choices in Step 3, you will be taken to the Aweber confirmation page to review your settings.


What data is sent to Aweber?
We send over the following information with your Aweber integration:
– Email Address
– IP Address
– Social_ID
– Name
– First name
– Last name
**If the name fields are already taken we send the names as “KOL_NAME, KOL_FNAME, KOL_LNAME”
– Any custom form fields you’ve set on your signup forms

We do not send over any demographic or referral data.

If you need more assistance, you can reach out to us at