Integrating KickoffLabs with Squarespace lets you take advantage over everything our platform has to offer (viral leads, contests, lead data, auto-replies, reward level emails, leaderboards, & much more). You can connect your Squarespace site to KickoffLabs in a few ways – you can add one of our opt-in widgets to your Squarespace page OR if you already have an existing form, you can connect it to KickoffLabs via our AnyForm widget.

Add a KickoffLabs Opt-In Form or Exit Intent Widget:

If you already have a site set up on Squarespace, but don’t yet have a signup form, you can use on of our embeddable opt-in forms and/or our exit intent widget.

Here are the steps for adding your opt-in form or exit intent widget to your Squarespace page:

  1. If you haven’t yet, create your opt-in form in KickoffLabs. Once you’re through making changes, click “Save”, then “Get the Code” within the form editor. This will take you to the page with the widgets embed code.
  2. Highlight and copy the entire code provided.
  3. Back in Squarespace, click on the gear ⚙ icon for the page you are editing. Go to the Advanced tab and paste in the KickoffLabs code. Click Save.

    (This method would not work for the Embed Opt In Form, Bootstrap Inline Opt In Form, or Developer HTML Inline Opt In Form).

If you already have an existing Squarespace form:

You can connect your existing form to KickoffLabs by installing our AnyForm widget, a small piece of javascript code copied into your Squarespace site. AnyForm connects to your Squarespace form and redirects new leads to any viral KickoffLabs thank you page.

Here are the steps for setting up a Squarespace integration with an existing Squarespace form:

  1. If you haven’t yet, create a new AnyForm widget.
    1. From your campaign dashboard, scroll down to the Widgets and AnyForms section and click Add New Widget or AnyForm.
    2. On the next screen, under the AnyForm option select create for… Existing HTML Template. Click Edit AnyForm.
    3. Now you need to match up the Email Selector in KickoffLabs with the Email Form Field in Squarespace.
  2. Within Squarespace, navigate to the page (with a form on it) where you want to add KickoffLabs AnyForm. From the preview and using your browser’s developer tools, use the “Select element” tool and click directly on the EMAIL form field.
  3. In the lower dev tools “Elements” section, locate the email input field and double click on the “id” field. Press CTRL or CMD +C to copy the id. Close the lower dev tools tab.
  4. Within KickoffLabs, navigate to the Email Selector field and paste in the email id from Squarespace. Click Save, then click Get the code.
    You’ve now installed the Squarespace email id into KickoffLabs… next up you need to install the KickoffLabs script into Squarespace…Save your changes and click “Get the Code”.
  5. Highlight and copy the entire code provided by KickoffLabs.
  6. Back in Squarespace, click on the gear ⚙ icon for the page you are editing. Go to the Advanced tab and paste in the KickoffLabs code. Click Save.

That’s all it takes!

*Important things to note

Lightbox Mode forms are NOT supported.

Only Form Blocks that are embedded directly on the page work with KickoffLabs AnyForm. Squarespace pop-up forms are not supported.

KickoffLabs AnyForm automatically captures additional form fields.

AnyForm requires an email address to be collected (it is the only required field). Any additional fields like first name, mobile #, etc will automatically be collected & appear in your KickoffLabs reports.

Leads captured through KickoffLabs AnyForm are NOT automatically pushed to Squarespace.

In certain cases, you may receive a notification from Squarespace about “an unsaved Form Block submission”. This is normal. You can either ignore these messages or turn OFF the Form Block storage in Squarespace.

For pushing leads over to another service, take a look at our MailChimp integration and other third-party integrations.

Ajax Loading

Some Squarespace templates use Ajax Loading to add transitions and responsiveness when navigating from page to page. You will need to disable Ajax Loading to ensure your widgets and other tracking codes are loaded properly.

Need assistance integrating KickoffLabs with Squarespace?