If you use klaviyo to send your broadcast emails you’ll probably want to push leads gathered during your KickoffLabs campaign there.

How to push new leads to Klaviyo from KickoffLabs

To do this you’ll need to use our WebHook service. A webhook is just a fancy way of saying “When someone signs up at KickoffLabs tell this other service about it. We send the webhook notification and Klaviyo can receive webhooks in order to add leads.

1. Open your KickoffLabs campaign.
2. Scroll down to the “Push Leads” section.
3. Select the blue “Edit” Hyperlink and scroll down to “Webhooks.”

4. Click “Setup Integration.”
5. Add the Klaviyo API call here for adding a member to your list. This is their documentation for finding that.
6. It should look like this with your list ID instead:

Klaviyo Web Hook Setup

7. Save the webhook settings.

Now new leads should be posted to Klaviyo.

Get existing KickoffLabs leads over

If you’ve already collected leads in KickoffLabs you’ll want to export them to a spreadsheet and then import them directly into Klaviyo. Learn how to export your leads.