This document covers integrating a KickoffLabs AnyForm with your ClickFunnels pages. Adding the script to your ClickFunnels page is simple enough and there is official documentation from ClickFunnels.

Official Documentation

Adding KickoffLabs Scripts to ClickFunnels

Once you’ve generated your KickoffLabs AnyForm and have the embed script readily available, you’re ready to add the scripts to your ClickFunnels Web Page.

  1. Navigate to your ClickFunnels dashboard and select the ClickFunnels Page you would like to use.
  2. Within the Funnel Dashboard select the Edit Page option to bring up the configuration menu.
  3. From the top configuration menu select Elements > Add Element.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and drag the Custom JS/HTML object onto your page.

  5. Navigate back to your AnyForm in your KickoffLabs dashboard and grab the code to copy and paste into the ClickFunnels Page. Keep this tab open for reference.
  6. Select the Custom Javascript / HTML element that you added to your page and under the Custom Code Type dropdown select 3rd Party Embed Codes. After you’ve changed the code type, Open the Code Editor.
  7. Paste in your AnyForm Scripts and close the box that popped up on your page.
  8. Save your changes and your script has been successfully added.

Contact With Your Published ClickFunnels URL

NOTE: Your ClickFunnels Page will be returning an error for your KickoffLabs scripts until we have a chance to modify your code for ClickFunnels.