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By dropping KickoffLabs AnyForm script onto your OptimizePress landing pages and opt-in forms, you’ll unlock a wealth of viral tools previously available only to KickoffLabs landing pages:

  • Generate referral tracking links – each signup gets their own unique social referral link they can share with friends.
  • Redirect to a viral thank you page – complete with social referrals and configurable reward levels.
  • Send automatic email replies and other viral emails – include share buttons, referral information, images, downloadable goods & more.
  • Add a Bounce exit intent (with no additional code!) – to capture leads before they abandon your site.
  • and many more features that will boost your lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Follow these simple steps to integrate KickoffLabs with OptimizePress:

This guide assumes you’ve already installed OptimizePress onto your site AND have created an opt-in form or landing page.

From your KickoffLabs account:

1. Go to the campaign where you would like to store leads collected through your OptimizePress landing page or opt-in form, scroll down to the Widgets and AnyForms section and click Add New Widget or AnyForm. Select “Existing HTML Template” from the dropdown list that appears.

2. On the next screen, give your AnyForm a name and click “Build KickoffLabs AnyForm”.

3. Next, from the right hand side OR from Box 1, click Edit AnyForm to access the designer.

4. Leave the Basics section as is.

The Confirmation section lets you setup a popup thank you message new leads will see after they signup (test the signup process directly within the designer). If you’re planning on using one of our viral thank you pages, you can disregard this section.

optimizepress anyform designer

The Redirect Options section let’s you redirect new signups to a KickoffLabs thank you page or any other custom URL. This option overrides the Confirmation popup thank you message.

Easily add an exit intent popup that detects when a person tries to close the page in the Bounce Options section.

The Redirect to a Thank You Page and Bounce options require you have those previously created prior to becoming available within the AnyForm designer. If you’ve not set these up, you can always Save your changes and re-access the editor at a later time to update these settings.

6. Once you’re done setting up the AnyForm click Save, then Get the Code.

7. From the top right box (Box 2), select and copy (CTRL+C) the entire script code. You’ll be copying this code into OptimizePress in the next steps.

Now, from your WordPress admin:

1. Click to Edit the page/post where you have created an OptimizePress landing page or opt-in form.

2. If it’s not yet open, click Launch Now to access the OptimizePress Live Editor.

optimizepress launch live editor

3. Within the OptimizePress Live Editor, click the left side Page Settings tab.

optimizepress page settings

4. From the Page Settings popup, click to reveal the Other Scripts section. If there is an existing block of code, click Add New, otherwise from the drop-down select After <body> tag.

5. Paste in the script code that KickoffLabs generated for your AnyForm.

optimizepress paste script

6. From the same Page Settings popup, scroll down and click Update to save your changes (this will close the popup).

7. Now, from the lower left side click Save & Continue to save your changes. Then close the OptimizePress Live Editor.

optimizepress save continue

8. Finally, click Publish or Update from the WordPress screen.

optimizepress wp

You should be all set, check out your live page and test the signup process to make sure it works as expected.

Not working? Send an email to support@kickofflabs.com

Collecting more information than just an email address?

1. Within OptimizePress, create your extra form fields like name or telephone #.

2. There is nothing you need to configure. KickoffLabs will automatically collect any information in additional form fields. What a great day!

If you get stuck or need additional help, please send an email to support@kickofflabs.com