You can quickly and easily publish your KickoffLabs pages to your WordPress site using our Easy Landing Pages plugin. Landing pages are a great way to keep customers focused on one specific goal, such as signing up for a mailing list or taking part in a contest. The WordPress plugin also allows you to easily publish your landing pages anywhere on your WordPress site, without having to make any changes to your domain – which is ideal if you’ve not quite finished setting up your main website, but still want to collect leads.

What you need:

1. A paid account with KickoffLabs (Premium, Business, or Enterprise level)

2. A WordPress site

3. The KickoffLabs plugin installed on your WordPress site

4. A campaign in KickoffLabs account to store your subscriber information with a signup page already created

Here’s how!

1. Install the KickoffLabs WordPress plugin on your WordPress site. In your WordPress control panel select Plugins>Add New, then search for KickoffLabs. Here you’ll find the Easy Landing Pages plugin. Select Install.

2. Back in your WordPress control panel, select the KickoffLabs plugin. Enter your KickoffLabs login information to bring up your account.

3. Select “Set Up Landing Page” to add one of your pre-existing pages to any page on your WordPress site.

Using our plugin, you can set up your landing page on it’s own page (including homepage), in a signup bar and/or widget, or as a splash page (displayed the first time someone visits your site).


If you’ve set the landing page as your homepage and you’re not seeing it:

1) Setup the KickoffLabs plugin with a /url-name (not empty) following the above instructions
2) In WordPress, go to Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > A Static Page
3) Choose your page from the dropdown menu


If you’re still having trouble, let us know at!