Push leads to facebook

You can now push leads from KickoffLabs campaigns directly into Facebook Audiences. This could be HUGE for your business. Let me explain…

Why is this important?

  1. When you build a Facebook Audience you can target them with ads. But there’s more…
  2. When you have a Facebook Audience you can then create look-a-like audience.
  3. When you have a look-a-like audience you can take a few hundred leads and then find thousands or millions more people that are similar to people that have signed up.
  4. Those new leads sign up and refer their friends via KickoffLabs.
  5. You get more leads, larger audiences, and then more leads and then… Profit!

How to I set up Facebook Audiences?


  1. A paid account that’s Premium or higher with KickoffLabs
  2. A Facebook Ads account.
  3. A campaign created in KickoffLabs.


  1. Open the campaign you want to push to Facebook.
  2. Go to step 5, choose Push Leads, select Facebook Audiences
  3. Connect your Facebook Ads account to KickoffLabs so we can manage your audiences.
  4. Select at least one audience to push to.

What happens now?

Now new leads will get pushed to Facebook!