What is Shopify Rewards?

We can now turn dollars spent by your customers into points within a Kickofflabs campaign. We can even reward them for money their friends spend at your store. This makes it easy to setup  two types of campaigns with KickoffLabs and your Shopify Store.

Reward Points

You can create a rewards program where people earn rewards at specific point totals that you set. So you could, for example, give someone free shipping on their next order when they earn 50 points by spending $25 and referring a friend that also spends $25 dollars!

Points to Win

You can create a giveaway where every point earned is another entry into the contest… thereby increasing their odds of winning! So as people spend more money, or refer more friends that spend money, they can earn more entries.

How Does Shopify Rewards work?

  1. Create a campaign on KickoffLabs and add our script to your Shopify store.
  2. Add a link to the rewards program or contest from your store so new visitors know about it.
  3. Get your existing list in by sending them an instant signup link that generates unique links for them.
  4. If one of your customers makes a purchase they’ll get a point for every dollar they spend.
  5. They’ll also earn points for every dollar their friends spend.
  6. We’ll send them progress emails as they reach new point levels.
  7. At the end of the competition you can allow them to exchange the points for rewards they’ve earned OR announce a winner randomly picked from the list of participants.

Step by Step – How do I setup a campaign like this?

It’s easy. We’re also happy to help you at any step.  This feature can be added to any campaign type at Kickofflabs. Once you’ve created a KickoffLabs campaign..

Setup the Lead Tracking and Tagging

  1. Go to your Advanced Campaign Settings located in the top menu “setup” drop-down
  2. Open the Shopify Rewards settings page.
  3. Copy the script on that page for your campaign.
  4. Setup purchase tracking with the script you copied to the “Additional Scripts” area of the store “Settings” > “Checkout” > “Additional Scripts” area. (See the Shopify Docs for help.)
  5. Setup referral capture. Add the script below to the rest of your site. You can do this via the Custom Scripts App or by modifying your “theme.liquid” theme code.
  6. Go back to your Shopify Rewards settings page at KickoffLabs and confirm your settings. If no lead tags are selected we recommend setting some up so you can track who’s at least made purchases and successful referrals.

Setup Your Landing and Thank You/Contest Page

We suggesting have a landing page for your campaign that lets people know what it’s about and gives people the opportunity to join if they haven’t signed up for your email list or bought anything yet.

You will need to have a thank you page. On the thank you page you’ll typically show people how many points they’ve earned, how they can earn more points, and what they’ll get for doing so. We’ve got a lot of templates and are happy to help with ideas here. You can even mix and match between leaderboards, bonus entry contests, simple point giveaways, or reward levels.

Get your existing email list sharing!

You’ll want to use our instant signup feature to get existing leads signed up for the program.