We’ve got a lot of ways you can edit the layout of your landing pages including support for adding, removing, or resizing columns as well as resizing or moving individual pieces of content.

Adding Columns

You can add new content columns within sections of landing pages by clicking the “Add Column” button.

Deleting Columns

You can also delete entire columns that contain content with the delete button on the upper left.

Resizing Columns

You can resize columns by using the left and right arrows between them.  

Resizing Content Parts

Individual content parts can also be resized within columns by clicking the small plus and minus.

Resizing All Content in A Section

You can resizing all the content in a section by selecting a new width for the content area. This will resize all the content parts within that section.

Move Content Between Columns or Sections

There are two ways to do this. You can simply click up or down on a content part to move it to the region immediately before for after it. You can also click to drag a content part around.