Our editor makes it easy to customize the look of your pages. If you need a little more customization, we allow the use of custom CSS.

  1. In the editor, click the Settings cog on the left menu panel.
  2. Open the “Page Settings” then scroll down to the Custom CSS area. You can drag the bottom right side of the Custom CSS box to enlarge it.
  3. When adding custom CSS, DO NOT include open and close style tags – <style></style> – We add them for you
  4. When your cursor leaves the section after changes are made the page will refresh with your custom styles.
  5. Be sure to Save your changes before leaving the editor!

You can use Chrome Developer Tools (F12 on your keyboard) to locate the names of specific elements on your page.

Keep in mind we cannot provide support for this section. If you have problems after using it we recommend removing the custom CSS to your page or reverting back to an earlier version of your page.

Need more help? Let us know at support@kickofflabs.com!