This guide will walk you through generating a KickoffLabs Anyform to capture information on an existing E-Mail Sign-Up Form on your current website.

In this document there will be:

  • A walkthrough on how to generate a KickoffLabs AnyForm
  • Links to guides on implementing your KickoffLabs AnyForm with different platforms

Generating a KickoffLabs AnyForm

  1. Log in to your KickoffLabs account and you will be greeted by your Campaign Dashboard. Locate the Campaign you are generating an AnyForm for and click the View Campaign button.
  2. Select the New Signup Form dropdown and then select Existing HTML Template.
  3. Name the Form and select the button to generate the form.
  4. Select the button to edit the AnyForm.
  5. A configuration menu will appear. Make any modifications you desire in the left panel, and select the button to test your widget.
  6. Select the option to Save in the upper left and then Get the Code.
  7. Copy the Code generated for your AnyForm and paste it into the footer of your web page, just before the </body> tag.

    The AnyForm may take a few minutes to propagate, but your AnyForm should be live momentarily on your live site.

Implementing your KickoffLabs AnyForm