This guide will walk you through using a KickoffLabs Anyform to capture information on an existing E-Mail Sign-Up Form on your existing website.

In this document there will be:

  • A walkthrough on how to generate a KickoffLabs AnyForm
  • Links to guides on implementing your KickoffLabs AnyForm with different platforms

Generating a KickoffLabs AnyForm

  1. Log in to your KickoffLabs account and you will be greeted by your Campaign Dashboard. Locate the Campaign you are generating an AnyForm for and click the View Campaign button.
  2. From the “Campaign on your site” section select “Anyform.”
  3. Select the button to edit the AnyForm.
  4. Here you can customize your Anyform settings. A few settings to keep in mind:

Enable Anyform: This allows you to toggle on and off connecting your external form to anyform without having to remove the anyform code from the site.

Confirmation Type: There are two user experiences you can set-up with Anyform. You can redirect the lead to a KickoffLabs status page or external page – OR – display a contest box

Form Selector: This setting is rarely changed. You will only need to change this if there are forms on your page(s) you do not want to connect to KickoffLabs.

Error Message: Each sign up must include either an email address or phone number. This is the message we popup if one of these cannot be found on the submitted data.


Installing Anyform

Once you’ve made your customizations, select the “save settings” buttons and toggle to the “installation” tab.

Copy the code snippet and paste before the closing </header> tag on your external website. This step will vary, depending on what platform you used to build your website. We’ve listed the top platforms below, but if you get stuck, feel free to reach out to our support team at for additional assistance!



Implementing your KickoffLabs AnyForm