KickoffLabs supports one click signup with Facebook on any landing page. This means that your leads don’t have to enter their email address. They can just signup through Facebook as shown here:

How can I add this option to my page?

In order to add this option you’ll need a paid account that supports it such as the Business or Enterprise plan.

  1. Create a landing page on your campaign to collect leads.
  2. In the landing page editor open the “Add Content” sidebar.
  3. Scroll down to the Facebook Signup Button
  4. Drag the Facebook Button onto your landing page.
  5. Publish the landing page.

What happens after someone clicks Facebook signup?

Once someone clicks the Facebook option they’ll be asked to allow you access to their Email address. They may be asked to log into Facebook first if they are not signed into the service.

After they allow you access they will be redirected to your thank you page and you’ll have access to their email address in your leads list within the campaign.

Can I offer this in addition to a traditional form?

Yes. That’s recommended in case someone doesn’t participate in Facebook. Yes. Those people exist. 🙂

Can I create a white label version?

That doesn’t mention KickoffLabs.

Yes – read how to connect you own Facebook App. In order to keep things simple, by default, we provide the Facebook App that makes the connection.