Create an engaging experience for your leads with KickoffLabs Video Background theme, which allows you to display a full screen background video*.

Simply paste in your YouTube video URL and Youtube will automatically serve the video adapting the quality to the bandwith of the user.

The ‘Background Overlay‘ option lets you darken any background video/image so your text remains readable. The default color is black (#000000), but you can get some neat effects by changing the color from the ‘Design‘ tab > ‘Background Color‘.

Important considerations

1. This theme implements what is known as a full screen page – meaning that it’s limited in the space available for content and cannot scroll down. If you try and place too much text or elements on the page, the mobile responsive layout may break.

2. *Unfortunately video backgrounds DO NOT work in iOS because of Apple’s autoplay and overlay video restrictions. Video background support is also very limited on Android devices. This is completely device dependent and cannot be overridden.

To provide a great experience for your mobile visitors, we recommend adding a background image to the page (a poster image screenshot of the fullscreen video works well). This way anyone visiting from a mobile device will see a static background image, while desktop and laptop users will see the video background.

If you insist of having “movement” in the mobile version image, add an animated GIF!

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