When you open your thank you pages directly from the KickoffLabs dashboard we’ll open them in preview mode. This means that you can see what the pages look like with a contest score other than zero. The pages will open in a browser with a link like this:


Note that we send two values here. We tell the page to run in preview mode and we also set a test value for contest score.

To Change The Preview Score

You can see what it looks like with 0, 7, 20 or any other number of points by simply changing the number on the URL. So


For example would show the thank you page with a contest score of 25.

Other Values You Can Test

You can also test other values on published thank you pages by passing additional parameters like:

  • contest_score_rank  – The rank in the contest.
  • lead_count – The number this lead was to sign up.
  • referrals – The number of referrals this person has.
  • rank – Order in which they signed up.