Viral social sharing links are the bread and butter of any viral referral campaign. These links are how your leads easily share their pages with their friends through the various social media channels, with their Email address book, or virtually anywhere! These icons appear on the thank you page portion of your campaign. The standard icons are Facebook, Twitter, and Email – but you can easily add other social avenues, like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and What’sApp (and many more!)

To add social share icons to your thank you page:

By default, we add these icons to all of our thank you page themes for you, but if you happen to accidentally delete them, you can easily add them back following the steps below:

  1. In the editor on the left menu panel click “Add Content”. Use the dropdown menu and select “Viral Boost”.
  2. Locate the “Refer a Friend Button” snippet, click and drag it onto your page. Then drop it where you want it to appear.
  3. You can also add the copy/paste share link to your page in this same way. Just choose the Copy and Paste Share snippet instead. In the editor you will see an URL, however, when your page is live we will use whatever URL you’ve specified as your Default Share URL in your Campaign Settings. Learn more about that HERE.
  4. Be sure to Save/Publish your changes. That’s it!


To add other social networks and edit icon style/size:

  1. Click on the snippet containing the social share icons. This will open an editing modal on the left menu panel.
  2. To add additional social networks to your share list, click the Social Networks dropdown. Then, click “Add Share Link”.
    Select the site you wish to add from the dropdown menu. Please note – today Instagram does not support social sharing the way other social media channels do. Should they ever support social sharing, we will definitely add them to the list of available options!
  3. You can also adjust the style of your social share buttons using the Styles dropdown menu. Here you can adjust the Button Size, Button Style, and Button Alignment options.


To set your social share text/images for your campaign:

These settings will apply to all pages in your campaign, as well as any sharing that takes place via your auto-replies Emails.

  1. From your campaign homepage, click the Settings tab, located on the top menu panel.
  2. Scroll down to the Default Landing Page Options section and click the blue “Facebook & Sharing Defaults.”
  3. Fill in the share properties for the various social media sites. Most social media sites will use your Facebook share settings. There are a few sites that require you to set the share settings via the thank you page editor. These are: Pinterest, What’s App, Telegram, Tumblr, and Reddit. To learn how to set these properties, scroll down and follow the page specific settings portion of this guide.

  4. Once you’ve finished updating your settings, scroll down and “Save” your changes.


To update social settings for an individual page:

  1. Click on the snippet containing the social share icons. This will open an editing modal on the left menu panel.
  2. Use the pencil icon next to each social channel to update the share text and share image (when applicable).
  3. Be sure to Save and Publish your changes.


  • Facebook pulls it’s share information from the page being shared. This is typically your signup page. Find our guide on updating your Facebook share information. If you’re having trouble with your Facebook share data, find our troubleshooting guide here..
  • If you’re sharing a non-KickoffLabs page, you can find our guide on updating your Facebook share information HERE.
  • We support the use of Twitter Cards for sharing. If you’d like to use an image in your Twitter sharing, learn how to set that up HERE.


If you have any questions/concerns, reach out to us at any time at