Default URL Settings allow you to choose which signup and thank you page/URL you want your users to land on. Your Default URL Settings will also be used in your auto-reply Emails to fill in the page_link and thankyou_link Email tokens.

If you have only 1 signup and 1 thank you page in your campaign, we will use whatever URL these pages are published to, by default. In certain instances you may wish to specify exactly which page/URL we should use. Some examples of this would be:

  • If you’ve embedded your page into your site directly
  • If you’re using an AnyForm
  • If you have multiple signup and thank you pages in your campaign

You can now easily set the default share and thank you page URL from within your Campaign Settings. Here’s how!

1. Select the desired campaign from your campaign list.

2. From the top menu click Settings

3. Under Default Contest Settings, you can see which page you are currently using as your default Sharing and Thanks Page. If no page is selected OR if you need to change the page/URL, click the blue “Edit Default…” button.

4. Once you’ve selected the “Edit Default…” button for the page you need to update, select the correct page from the dropdown list. You can also select to use a Custom URL or set No Default Page (this is not typical).


5. The 2nd dropdown allows you to select when you want to use this share URL. The default option (Only) is to use the share URL when no other option is specified OR you can force the page to use the share URL you specify all the time by selecting the Always option. Using Always will override any other settings you currently have in place.

6. When you’ve made your selections, Save your settings.

7. You should now see the pages you’ve selected in your Default Contest Settings.


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an Email at