When making changes to your KickoffLabs landing page, Facebook may experience a delay in updating their servers. This usually updates within 24 hours but there are steps that you can take to troubleshoot.

You may see social data not updating when:

  • Testing social share buttons after a change.
  • Manually sharing the page on Facebook.
  • Creating a Facebook Ad within Facebook that points at your page.

Common causes for missing social data include:

  • Facebook just hasn’t updated the cached version of the page.
  • You are using an image format or size not supported by Facebook.
  • You are testing in the page builder on a page version that isn’t published yet.
  • You updated settings on your thank you page, but didn’t update settings on the signup page… which is generally the one being shared.
  • The signup page was not built inside of KickoffLabs. In that case you need to update the social settings for that page/site builder instead.

Resolving and testing your share settings:

First, please check that you’ve updated your Facebook Share Settings in the signup page editor. Find our guide on this here.

Ideally, you should also fill out all the meta and social information on the page as well. Make sure you do this for both your thank you pages AS WELL AS your signup pages. Since it’s the signup page that’s typically shared.

Verify the settings without waiting 24 hours:

Please try running your page url link through the Facebook Debugger Tool

If you’re seeing the correct information in the debugger, this means that Facebook has the correct information and will update your page accordingly with it’s next reset.

Some helpful tips!

Still having trouble? Send an email to support@kickofflabs.com