KickoffLabs auto-response Emails offer the ability to use tokens, which can be used to have important unique links and information automatically generated in your mailings for you. These tokens can be used in any of our auto-response Emails.

To include the full social sharing URL –

Add the following token to your Email wherever you want the link to appear – {% page_link %}


You can also include social media sharing icons in your KickoffLabs Emails. 

For a complete row of social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Email) use the {% share_buttons %} token. The icons in this token cannot be altered or removed, so if you’re looking for a more customized set of icons, read on!


To create custom share link tags:

{% share_twitter_link %} – Custom twitter share link.
{% share_facebook_link %} –  Custom Facebook share link.
{% share_googleplus_link %} –  Custom Google+ share link.
{% share_linkedin_link %} – Custom LinkedIn share link.
{% share_email_link %} –  Custom Email share link.

The above tokens can also be further customized with text or image buttons (for custom icons). If you’re going to use custom icon images, you’ll want to be sure they are all the same size. 24×24 or 32×32 is typically a good size for these icons.

Here is an example of how to use these tags in emails:


And this results in the following:



You can view a full list of all of our Email tokens HERE or on the Auto-Reply, Influencer, and Reward Level Email Settings pages. Just scroll down!



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