Have you ever wanted to reward a lead just sharing your contest/campaign? Did you ever want to provide an incentive for liking your contest page? Or maybe even just liking your company’s home page on Facebook? Or what about throwing someone a couple of extra points for following you on Twitter?

With KickoffLabs you can reward your leads for taking all of these actions on your campaign with a Business or Enterprise plan.

How to get started…

The first thing you should do is add the Like and/or Follow buttons on to your Thank You pages.

You will find these snippets labeled ‘Like/Follow for Points’ in the landing page designer. Once added, remember to re-publish your page.

Then you need to customize your contest scoring. 

To enable this, Click on “Overview” in the top menu bar. Then, scroll down to “Lead Scoring.”

Here, you will find a drop-down menu with scoring options.