Have you ever wanted to reward a lead just sharing your contest/campaign? Did you ever want to provide an incentive for liking your contest page? Or maybe even just liking your company’s home page on Facebook? Or what about throwing someone a couple of extra points for following you on Twitter?

How to get started…

First, you’ll need to customize your contest scoring.  To enable this, select “edit” next to the scoring tab.


Here, you will find a menu with scoring options.


 Scoring types:

Sign-up & Referrals: Award points to leads just for signing up or when they refer someone who signs-up.

Actions: Actions are tasks taken outside of KickoffLabs you would like your leads to perform to earn extra points in your campaign, for example visiting a website or following your business profile on Twitter.

Purchases: Reward customer loyalty with our Shopify Rewards integration! Award points for purchases or points per dollar spend. See more about our Shopify Rewards integration here!

Lead Tags(Advanced – requires coding knowledge):  Reward external actions like purchases/downloads and sign-ups via our lead tag feature.  Learn more about lead tags here