One of the best way to get conversions to your campaign is through social media. Use the following guide to learn how to update your Twitter Share text for sharing from the thank you page and your auto-reply Emails. These are updated separately, so be sure to scroll down to read the full guide!

Want to add an image to your Twitter sharing? Find our guide on using Twitter Image Cards here!

Sharing from your Thanks Page –

Drag and Drop Designer:

  1. Open your thank you page editor.
  2. Find the snippet with the social icons, then click within the snippet area. Click the “Edit Sharelinks”button, this will open an editing modal on the left menu.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to Twitter to open the editing window.
  4. Type your share text, remember that Twitter has a character limit. We will automatically include your share URL with the social ID for you, so don’t include this in your tweet message.
  5. Save and Publish your changes to the page.

Classic Designer:

  1. Open the editor for your thank you page. 
  2. Click Settings on the left menu, scroll down and update the Twitter Share Text. The person’s unique share URL for referral tracking will be automatically added, so there’s no need to include this in your tweet.twitter_page_share_default
  3. Save and Publish your changes.

Sharing from Auto-Reply Emails:

  1. If you are sending campaign emails through our service you should also edit the default Twitter share text for emails by opening the Campaign Settings on the left menu panel. Then click “Edit Social Network Settings”.

From there you can edit the Social Share Settings including the Twitter share text.


Be sure to Save your changes!