There are five campaign modes that a KickoffLabs contest can run in. These types range in complexity from beginner to advanced. Let’s take a look at how you can integrate your next campaign with KickoffLabs.


Add a contest box to your site

What is a contest box?

Contest Box will enable you to integrate your existing website with KickoffLabs without having to build an external form. Simply design the form in KickoffLabs and install the script onto your website! Below we’ll walk you through, step by step, how to design and install the contest box onto your landing page. Learn more about customizing your contest box here.



Single contest page campaign using the KickoffLabs editor (Beginner friendly)

This option is great if you’re looking for leads to sign-up and view their status, all from one page. Simply select your campaign type, choose a template, and set a confirmation message. You can also preview the contest to see how a new lead and an existing lead would view the page.  See more about previewing your pages here.


Setting up a single page campaign

  1. In the campaign set-up, select “New landing page”
  2. Next, select “Single Page Contest”
  3. Choose your page template
  4. Click to edit your Sign-up page!  Don’t forget to edit your opt-in form, rewards, and actions

Two page campaigns using the KickoffLabs editor (Beginner friendly)

A two page set-up is the original set-up at KickoffLabs. This option allows you to customize a landing page and a separate status page that the lead sees after sign-up. This is great if you’re wanting to keep the experience separate. Learn more about setting up a two step campaign below.

Setting up a two step campaign

  1. in the campaign set-up, select “New landing page”
  2. Next, select “Landing page to status page”
  3. Select your template
  4. Edit your landing + status pages from the campaign dashboard



Anyform + redirect to KickoffLabs status page (advanced)

This option is the perfect solution if you’d like to integrate KickoffLabs with an external landing page, but would still like leads to. be redirected to a unique status page where they can view points/rewards/share the contest with friends. This solution involves a bit of coding knowledge as you will need to paste our Anyform script into the code of your existing website. Learn more about setting up Anyform here

Anyform + open contest box (advanced)

This solution is great if you would like to integrate an external landing page and keep the lead on the site. Instead of redirecting the lead to a unique status page, a contest box will instead appear on your landing page where the lead can view their points, prizes, and share with friends.