Now that you’ve connected your custom domain to KickoffLabs, there is an extra step involved to forward the naked domain (ex: to the URL with the www (ex: You’ll want to set this up if you want users to have the ability to view your pages without having to type in the www.

**If you haven’t connected your custom domain yet, be sure to first follow the steps here: Adding a CNAME Record in Namecheap

Below we’ve created a step by step guide to get this configured in Namecheap.

  • Login to Namecheap and select the domain you want to work on
  • Select the “Advanced DNS” button
  • Selectt “Add new record”
  • Choose “URL Redirect”
  • Enter “@” in the “host” field and your full domain in the points to field ex:
  • Be sure to save your changes!