This guide will walk you through generating your KickoffLabs Widgets in order to implement them into your existing websites. We will be generating a Pop-Up Link in this example.

In this document there will be:

  • A walkthrough on how to generate a KickoffLabs Widget
  • Links to guides on implementing KickoffLabs Widgets with different platforms

Generating your KickoffLabs Widget

  1. Log into your KickoffLabs account. You will be greeted by your Campaigns page. Find the campaign you are generating the Widget for and select View Campaign.
  2. Once you’re in your campaign find the New Signup Form dropdown and select New Popup.
  3. Enter a name for your widget. You can change this later, but it is recommended to use a name that is descriptive for your widget.
  4. After you create the widget you will be directed to another screen. There is three different spots you can click to edit your widget.

    Select one of the edit buttons and you will be navigated to a configuration page that will allow you to manipulate your widget.
  5. On the left side of the page there is a separate pane full of configuration options for your widget. Once you tweak the configurations to your liking there is an option to test your changes.

    Once you are satisfied, select the Save option in the upper left and Get the Code.
  6. Once you have your code generated, it will populate in the #2 box on the Widget page

    After you have your code generated, you can copy and paste it into the footer of your web page, just above the </body> tag. The code should be live and working within a few minutes.

Implementing your KickoffLabs Widget with Additional Platforms