Integrating KickoffLabs into your Shopify site is easy, and let’s you take advantage over everything our platform has to offer (viral leads, contests, lead data, auto-replies, reward level emails, leaderboards, & much more).

In these steps we’ll go through installing a KickoffLabs Bounce Exit Intent onto a Shopify E-Commerce site. But the steps are similar when installing our AnyForm or embedding our Opt-in Forms

1. When you’re done editing any KickoffLabs Form or Widget, you’ll see a ‘Get the Code’ option… Copy this entire code.


2. Log in to your Shopify Account, click on Sales Channels > your Online Store.


3. Click on the Pages tab and locate the page where you want to install an Email Opt-in Form.


4. Click on the page where you want to install the Email Opt-in Form.


5. From the Page Details section, click the Show HTML icon.


6. Paste in the KickoffLabs generated code at the very bottom of this section. Or if you’re embedding a form, paste in the code where you want the form to render!


If you have additional content in the Page Details section, be careful not to overwrite. Then click Save.

7. Now simply verify that the Email Opt-in Form is correctly installed onto your Shopify site. Go through the signup process to make sure everything is working.


If you have any trouble installing a KickoffLabs Email Opt-in Form widget onto your site, please send an email to