Our goal is to help you capture leads no matter where visitors are on your site. It could be on a landing page or it could be while reading your company blog. We just shipped two new widget types:

Top Horizontal Signup Bar

Setup a bar on top of your site that captures email addresses… or a name and email address. Visitors can signup or dismiss this un-obtrusive request.

top bar widget

Corner Pop-Up Widget

This is another un-obtrusive option for capturing leads on existing websites.  This box will open up in the bottom left or right of your site.

Both of these options support our viral tracking and referral process as well. So, after someone signs up, they’ll get the sharing links just like they would have if they had signed up on a landing page. Or you could redirect them to a dedicated thank you page as well.

Let us know what you think at support@kickofflabs.com