KickoffLabs Bounce exit intent widget helps you collect leads as a visitor attempts to leave a web page. It’s a second opportunity to convert visitors before they ‘bounce’.

Setting up and optimizing KickoffLabs Bounce exit intent:

1. It’s easy to add a Bounce exit intent to your landing page during the Campaign Setup process. Simply CHECK the checkbox, it’ll be created automatically.


Otherwise, from your campaign dashboard click ‘New Page or form’, then select ‘Pop-up’ from the dropdown menu.

Then from the widget selection screen find the “Exit Intent” widget and click “Create Widget”

2. Click ‘Edit Bounce’ to enter the Bounce designer/editor.

3. Basics section lets you customize the look and messaging.


4. Custom Form section lets you add additional form fields and change the button text.

5. Colors section lets you add a background image and change the colors.

6. Bounce Settings section lets you setup the behaviour of the exit intent.


Here’s an explanation of each:

  • Aggressive
    Checking this checkbox will make the exit intent will always popup, ignoring the Cookie Expire setting. Good for testing.
  • Timer
    Sets the amount of time BEFORE the exit intent becomes active and ready to popup. It will not popup UNLESS someone tries to leave the page.
  • Cookie Expire
    Sets how often visitors will see the exit intent (if they try to leave the page). NOTE: If you turn ON the Aggressive setting, this will have no effect.
  • Show Automatically After
    Sets IF/WHEN the exit intent should automatically popup, regardless of whether or not the visitor tries to leave the page.
  • Display Only On / Exclude On
    Sets which page URLs the exit intent is displayed or excluded. Usually when installed onto a third-party site.

7. Confirmation section lets you customize the built-in thank you & share message.

OR you use the…

8. Redirect Options section to redirect customers to another page in your campaign (like a dedicated KickoffLabs viral thank you page) or any custom URL to say thanks!

9. To add your newly created Bounce form to your signup page, access the signup page editor. On the left menu panel click the Settings cog. Select your Bounce form from the dropdown list

10. Be sure to Save and Publish your changes!


I do not see KickoffLabs Bounce when I test my page.

KickoffLabs Bounce will not display if the current visitor has already converted. So if you previously signed up on your own page (we have all done this!) you will need to remove the cookies for the page OR CHECK the checkbox for the Aggressive setting.

I still do not see Bounce on my page.

You should check your page for a JavaScript error. If you find one, please contact and we will look into for you or if you have no idea how to check for errors.

How do I add KickoffLabs Bounce to my landing page?

There is an ‘Exit’ tab in the landing page designer for all KickoffLabs pages (except for thank you pages). You can choose a Bounce widget from the list and we will include it on your page.

I am using the Embedded Form widget or AnyForm widget. Can I add Bounce as well?

Yes, you could add it directly to the page. However, the easier approach is include it with your other widget similar to landing pages above.

I want to let visitors manually invoke Bounce.

First, please be aware we have another widget called KickoffLabs Popup you can use if you do not need the exit features built in Bounce.

However, if you need both the exit functionality and want to allow users to invoke it directly, you can use all the methods defined on Popup.

To do so, just add one of the following to any clickable HTML element:

  1. a css class .kol-popup
  2. a data attribute kol-popup=true
  3. set the href to #kol-popup


If you need any help setting up KickoffLabs Bounce exit intent, please contact