Also for this example, we’ll be using our “Harrys Goes Viral” landing page theme which includes reward levels.

Keep in mind that not all themes present the same options, so it’s a good idea to check out our various themes to find one that’s a great fit for your business.

Whether you’re collecting leads through landing pages or opt in forms, you first want to make sure that your copy includes the right messaging.

In the “Landing Page or Opt In Form Designer”, click the ‘Thank You Message’ in the left hand “Form Tab”. This is what people will see immediately after they sign up.

Go ahead and customize the text to your liking, then click ‘Update Text’.

Next, since this theme includes reward levels, let’s move on to defining them.

From the “General Tab”, scroll down to the “Prizes” section. Here you can describe the prizes people will get after achieving a certain number of referrals.

With your rewards defined, go ahead and test the signup process directly in the Designer to review what the “Thank You Message” will look like.

Looks good!

When you’re done, be sure to ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ your changes as necessary.

Now that your “Thank You Message” and “Rewards” are set up. It’s time to set up the “Automatic Reply” and “Influencer Emails”.

From your Campaign Dashboard, locate the Campaign Emails section, and click on “Automatic Reply”. Here you can set up your custom “Thank You Message” that is optionally sent immediately after a person signs up. This is a great way to encourage initial sharing.

The “Influencer Email” allows you to send a custom “Thanks for sharing…” email. This simple “You’ve got influence…” email is an incredibly powerful way to increase sharing.

For following up with more regular reminder emails, we recommend you connect your subscriber list to a 3rd party email marketing provider and leveraging KickoffLabs Email Tokens to guide your leads along their progress.

Questions? Contact our super-friendly, super-smart support team: