KickoffLabs Reports provide you with intelligence on your most important campaign metrics. Our conversion focused data helps you track Conversion & Referral Rate, Total & Unique Web Views, Leads Captured, Top Referral Links and more.

Optionally, integrating your KickoffLabs campaign with Google Analytics will give you access to additional pageview metrics, and can act as a secondary source for conversion tracking.

This article will show you (click and scroll to a section):

  1. How to install Google Analytics tracking code onto KickoffLabs pages.
  2. How to track conversion events with Google Analytics Goals.
  3. Important things to note about Google Analytics tracking.

Install Google Analytics tracking code onto KickoffLabs pages

Installing Google Analytics onto KickoffLabs pages is an easy and straightforward process. However, there are times where you must add additional code to ensure proper tracking results.

You only need to go through Step 1 if ALL the pages you want to track are published to the SAME domain name.

You’ll also need to go through Step 2 if you are tracking pages across multiple or separate domains. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re using “domain A” for a signup landing page (for example published to & “domain B” for the thank you page (for example published to or
  • If you are using KickoffLabs Download HTML to embed the page onto a third-party site (known as an iframe).
  • If you have a KickoffLabs Lead Form or AnyForm installed onto a third-party site (for example published to and redirecting to a dedicated thank you page on a separate domain (for example published to

The BEST practice is to add your custom domain (or subdomain) to KickoffLabs, and publish ALL your pages under a campaign to the same domain using paths. In this case, you’ll only need to go through Step 1.

Step 1. Add Google Analytics tracking code to KickoffLabs pages.

  1. From your campaign dashboard, navigate to the page where you want to install Google Analytics.
  2. From the right-side, click the ⚙ gear dropdown and select Edit Tracking Codes.
  3. Copy/Paste the ENTIRE tracking code Javascript provided by Google in the ‘Google Analytics‘ section.
  4. Scroll down and click ‘Save Tracking Changes‘.
  5. Repeat this process for every page you want to track.

Step 2. Setup cross domain tracking

Again, this step is only necessary if you are using multiple separate domain names as described above.

This additional step makes it possible for Google Analytics to see sessions on two different sites (such as an ecommerce site and a separate landing page) as a single session. This is sometimes called site linking.

Please reference this guide provided by Google with detailed instructions on setting up cross domain tracking.

If you need help with Step 2, please email

Track conversion events with Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics Goals lets you measure how often users complete specific actions (like new signups) directly within Google Analytics. This would be the conversion rate, and is already available in KickoffLabs Reports.

However, there may be times where you want to set this up as a secondary source for conversion tracking.

For tracking Google Analytics Goals, you must use a dedicated thank you page. KickoffLabs instant thanks (inline thank you message on the same page) is NOT supported.

To create a Google Analytics Goal:

  1. Ensure you have the Google Analytics tracking code installed on the pages you want to track.
  2. Please reference this guide provided by Google.
    1. Goal setup, choose “Template > Engagement > Sign Up”.
    2. Goal description, choose “Destination
    3. Specify the destination goal match type as “Begins with”. KickoffLabs uses “?=XXXXX” query parameters for generating unique referral links.
    4. Under the “Destination goal” add the URL of your thank you page, found in the Tracking Codes section.

*Important things to note

Social share button clicks are not reported.

Currently, KickoffLabs does NOT report the number of social share button clicks on thank you pages (clicking share to Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Click here to read our guide on tracking social share button clicks.

Google Analytics conversion tracking is not realtime.

It can take up to 24 hours for metrics to start appearing inside of Google Analytics. Their web stats are real time, but conversion tracking is not.

You will need to adjust your Conversion Counting Options to avoid counting double conversions. 

Google Analytics will count multiple conversions for the same lead unless you set your conversion counting to “one conversion”. You can learn more about this here –


If you have any additional questions regarding Google Analytics and KickoffLabs integration, please email