Integrating your KickoffLabs campaign with MailChimp lets you include links back to any KickoffLabs page or form in MailChimp email newsletters. It’s an essential part of keeping your leads engaged, and motivating them to refer new leads.

This article shows you how to use MailChimp to:

  • Include personalized social share links.
    When clicked, your link would be shared to social networks. This is generally reserved for KickoffLabs signup landing pages or lead forms.
  • Include direct links back to a signup or thank you page.
    This works two ways; so people can share their personalized link back to the signup landing page OR to check their referral/contest status on a thank you page.

In order for this setup to work, you must first connect your KickoffLabs campaign to MailChimp AND setup your merge fields.

To check which links are being sent to MailChimp, click Settings on the left menu of your Campaign Dashboard. Your “Sharing Page” and “Thanks Page” are the page URL’s we will send to MailChimp. If you only have 1 landing page and 1 thank you page, it’s automatically setup for you.

Include personalized social share links.

MailChimp lets you easily create social share buttons in emails using the Social Share Content Block.

To create this, use the Share URL (link back to a signup page) Merge Tag.

  1. Within MailChimp, click and drag the Social Share Content Block into your email.
  2. Update ‘Content to share’ to ‘Custom URL’… then edit the ‘Custom URL to share’ to include your Share URL Merge Tag. Example: *|SHARE_URL|*
    For more control over the look of the share buttons, you’ll find styling options within MailChimp.

    *Please note – the MailChimp Forward to a Friend setting is NOT the same thing as sharing your signup page via Email using the Share Block and will not allow your leads to share your signup page with their friends to earn referrals.

Include direct links back to a signup or thank you page.

Use MailChimp Merge Tags to create links from text, images or any other HTML element.

Use either Share URL (link back to a signup page) or Thank You URL (link back to a thank you page) Merge Tags, depending on your application.

  1. Placing either Merge Tag text directly into the email will render as a link.
  2. OR link ANY element in MailChimp…
    and use the Merge Tag specific to your campaign as the Web Address.

Using the Social ID Merge Tag.

Optionally, you can custom code your own links using the Social ID Merge Tag.

In any case, links should be created like the following (starting from the “?”):

  • Link to a KickoffLabs landing page*|SOCIAL_ID|*
  • Link to a KickoffLabs lead form*|SOCIAL_ID|*
  • Link to a KickoffLabs thank you page (notice the different ‘kolid’)*|SOCIAL_ID|*

Remember to use your own page URL!

What next?

It can be helpful to send yourself a test email in MailChimp before sending the newsletter to your list.

If you have any problems setting this up, please email