Is Unbounce your landing page builder of choice?

It’s a great tool, but it’s not going to help you build smarter campaigns. That’s where Kickofflabs comes in.

KickoffLabs AnyForm for Unbounce is a script you can copy & paste onto any Unbounce landing page to unlock features that will help you do better marketing.


  1. A KickoffLabs Account
  2. An Unbounce account and at least one landing page.

Setting Up With a New KickoffLabs Campaign

If you already have an existing campaign skip this step and go below to the section on “Adding to an existing campaign”.

We’ve made this super simple.

1. Log into KickoffLabs and choose to create a new campaign.

2. Click Continue and then Choose “Use my Own Forms” as the answer to how people will enter.

3. Then select “Unbounce Pages” and press “Continue”


4. Select a KickoffLabs viral contest page template that new leads will be re-directed to.

5. Choose to “Create Campaign”

6. You’ll see a summary of what we created for you and you want to click “Start Editing”

7. Click to “Configure and Install Unbounce Anyform”.

8. Follow the steps on that page to install on Unbounce.

Adding an Unbounce Anyform to an Existing Campaign

If you’ve already created a campaign inside of KickoffLabs and you want to connect KickoffLabs to existing Unbounce Forms you can always add an Unbounce Anyform.

Open “Pages and Forms” on  your Campaign.

2. Click “+ New Widget or Anyform”

3. Click “Unbounce Pages”

 4. Select the thank you page & exit intent.

5. Click “Add New Unbounce”

6. Follow the instructions you are given on that page to install on your Unbounce pages.