Sign up pages exist to collect information from users, so it’s important to have a clear Privacy Policy.

Without a good Privacy Policy, Google won’t let you run an AdWords (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising campaign… and worse, you could even be violating local law. So it’s best to protect your business! You can even make people confirm that they accept your privacy policy directly in the form before they sign up as shown here.


Adding a Privacy Page to Your Campaign

With a drag and drop signup page, your landing page and Privacy Policy page are 2 separate pages you must create. You will need to have your landing page created already, prior to setting up your privacy page. To add a privacy page to your campaign:

  1. From your Campaign Dashboard click the blue “New Landing Page” link
  2. Scroll almost all the way down the list of themes and select the “Privacy Policy” theme using the blue “Choose” button.
  3. Click the button to edit the page, update the text, and then click the green “Publish” button within the editor.
  4. You can keep the Privacy page published to the KickoffLabs URL, or you can select your domain from the dropdown in Step 2. Then add a path in Step 3 (you will need to choose a path other than /privacy – something like /privacy-policy is a good choice).
  5. Click the blue “Publish Landing Page” button. Make note of the URL you published the page to (highlight the URL and use Ctrl+C to copy).
  6. Now you will need to connect your new Privacy Page to your landing page. Navigate back to your signup page and access the editor.
  7. Hyperlink the Privacy Policy text in your signup page to the link of your new Privacy Page (highlight the text and click the “Insert Link” icon – it looks like a little chain link – then paste the URL of your Privacy page).
  8. Click the green button to Publish your changes.
  9. You’re done!

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