1. A new person signs up on your landing page or opt in form.
  2. Next, KickoffLabs automatically generates a unique social referral sharing link on thank you screens, automatic email replies, and targeted influencer emails.
  3. If that person shares their referral link, they will get credit for the people that sign up, even if their referrals decide to revisit the page and sign up at a later time!
  4. You can even power up your Viral Boost by offering:
    • Incentives (“Sign up for early access”, or “Sign up for your chance to win”),
    • Downloadable Bribes (“Sign up for free access to” or “Sign up and get your free guide”),
    • Achievement Levels (“Get 3 people to join and you are in”, “Invite more friends and move up on the waiting list”)
    • and Reward Levels (“Invite 3 people and get … invite 5 people and get… Invite 10 people and get…” etc).

    It’s a uniquely powerful combination of social sharing and social referrals that on average generates a 35% conversion boost for our customers.


    Questions? Contact our super-friendly, super-smart support team: support@kickofflabs.com