The KickoffLabs AnyForm is the perfect solution for connecting your existing third-party form to our service so you can utilize all of our great features with your existing signup page design. (Not using the AnyForm yet? Learn more now!)

Adding the AnyForm to your Site:

  1. If you haven’t already, add an AnyForm to your campaign. If you’re using Unbounce, Instapage, or Leadpages, make sure you select the AnyForm specific for those sites. If you’re using any other site, choose the “Existing HTML Template” option. For this guide, we’ll be going over installation for the “Existing HTML Template” option.




  1. Give your AnyForm a name and then click “Build KickoffLabs AnyForm”
  2. Click any of the “Edit AnyForm” buttons to access the editor and update your form options.
  3. To start, you can leave the Form and Email Selector fields blank. We will automatically search for the form. It may be necessary to go back and update these fields later if we’re unable to automatically locate the form on your site.
  4. When you’re finished updating your options, click the “Get the Code” button.
  5. In box 2, copy the complete code for the AnyForm:
  6. Access the code for your website/sign-up form. The code for the AnyForm will need to be on the same page your sign-up form is located. Paste the AnyForm code before the closing body tag on your site (</body>).
  7. Once the AnyForm has been added to your sign-up page you will want to test that it’s working properly. To do this, access the live page. If you’re seeing an error pop up (Email Selector not found or Form Selector not found) you will need to set the Form Selector for your form in the AnyForm editor.If you’re not seeing any pop up errors, submit a test signup to your page. You should be redirected automatically to your KickoffLabs thank you page and you should see a unique share URL in the copy/paste area (meaning a social ID should be attached to your signup page URL, for example – your page properly redirected with the unique share URL, you’re all set up! If not, reach out to us directly at with the URL of your signup page so we can take a look.