Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to create the high-converting pages of your dreams, out of the box. But sometimes, you need to throw in a little something extra – don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

KickoffLabs offers several different ways for you to add your custom elements to your landing and thank you pages. The following guide will go over all the ways you can customize your pages with KickoffLabs.

In the editor, there are 2 different ways to add HTML –

  1. Use our Custom HTML Snippet. This snippet can be placed into any existing container section on your page. Clicking in the snippet will open the editing modal where you can add your custom HTML.

    Find our full guide on using the Custom HTML Snippet.

  2. Add inline-HTML to any existing text field. Click within the snippet, then click the “Code View” button. This will show you the inline-HTML for the snippet section. You can add or update the existing HTML with your own custom inline-HTML.


Here’s our full guide on Adding Custom CSS to your pages.
And here’s our guide on Using Custom Fonts in your pages.

You can add additional custom scripts (custom conversion tracking, custom fonts, other Javascript, etc) to either the Header or Footer section via our Default Campaign Settings. Scripts placed here will be rendered on all pages in your campaign.

To add additional custom scripts to your campaign:

These settings will apply to all pages in your campaign.

  1. From the left menu panel of your Campaign Dashboard, click the Settings cog.
  2. Under Default Landing Page Options, click the blue “Edit Codes” button next to Landing Page Analytics and Tracking Codes
  3. Add your scripts to the section that best suits the code installation instructions. There are separate sections for Header and Footer (body) scripts, as well as a section for Footer Conversion Tracking scripts – these scripts will only apply to your thank you pages.
  4. Be sure to scroll down and Save any changes you make.


Find our in-depth tracking guides here:

Google Analytics
Facebook Tracking
Facebook Retargetting Pixel 

If you find you’re still not able to customize your page enough for your liking with our available tools, you can connect your own custom page to our service using our AnyForm widget! You can find our installation guides for the AnyForm below:
Your own custom page

If you still having questions, please let us know at support@kickofflabs.com